All about Digital Credits

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jadedtristin_AC67_R1AWhat is Digital Credits?

Digital Credits is a currency that can be used to buy and sell things online or send money to loved ones abroad. Unlike normal currency like the US Dollar or the Euro, our currency is 100% digital and is not controlled by any central authority or government body. It one of the fastest ways to send and receive transactions around the world, and unlike expensive wire transfers, it’s practically free. Also credits are stored on your computer, not in a bank which can charge ridiculously high fees. Plus you get a guaranteed 1% yearly interest rate if all you want to do is save.

How do I use it?

To use Digital Credits all you need to do is download our free wallet software. You can download for Windows, Mac, or Linux here : DOWNLOAD

How do I get credits?

There are 3 ways to get new credits, the easiest way is to buy them off one of our exchange partners. You can find them listed in the TRADE CREDITS menu above! Once you own credits you can transfer them to the wallet you downloaded and installed. After 24 short hours you will begin to earn interest on them. More details on that can be found here: STAKE CREDITS

Another way to earn credits is to digitally mine them. This is more for advanced users but once you set it up, you can forget about it and watch your new credits roll in. More information about this can be found here: MINE CREDITS

The last way to earn them is to take part in our monthly coin burns. Again, this is for more advanced users. Basically we buy other select coins each month and give you Digital Credits in exchange. Check out more information about this method here: COIN BURNS


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